The Melbourne School of Government is designed to inspire and equip individuals to make a difference on a global scale. Through rigorous research, teaching and debate, we convert shared knowledge into collective wisdom influencing politics and decision-making to improve future outcomes.

Information for Future Students

Undergraduate study at the Melbourne School of Government

Undergraduate students at the University of Melbourne can study individual subjects in Government and Policy or complete a breadth track.

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Pathways to Politics

Pathways to Politics Program for Women

In Australia, less than one-third of all parliamentarians and one-fifth of all ministers are women. The Pathways to Politics Program for Women will address this under-representation by providing hands-on training and networking opportunities for women who aspire to elected office.

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The McKinnon Prize in Political Leadership

The McKinnon Prize in Political Leadership recognises political leaders who have driven positive change and encouraged a national discussion about the role of leadership.

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McKinnon Prize

At the Melbourne School of Government, our research examines the implications of economic, legal, social, political and cultural trends for the content and conduct of public policy. We’re proud to offer a research program that aims to improve the design, development and impact of public policy both nationally and internationally.

information for researchers

Information for researchers

The School of Government fosters a vibrant program of academic fora that support our research excellence. Alongside our competitive grants success, we host academics from around Australia and overseas to undertake research and to participate in and enrich the research intensive communal life of the School.

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Commissioned research

If you have a specific issue in your workplace, our experts can provide independent judgements to find evidence-based solutions for your organisation.

The Melbourne School of Government's research agenda is informed by global and regional developments, in particular those associated with the 'Asian Century', and how country specific and regional public policy will need to adapt and change. Talk to us about how we can harness our knowledge to help your organisation overcome its key challenges.

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Asian Cultural Research Network (ACRN)

The Melbourne School of Government hosts a key number of publicly engaged programs aimed at the key political and governance issues of our times. Working with significant philanthropist, we blend our leading research expertise and apply it to these real-world challenges.

The Melbourne School of Government regularly welcomes local and international academic colleagues.

2018 Visitors

  • Stephen Kinsella

    Dr Stephen Kinsella
    Senior Lecturer in Economics
    Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick
    Academic host John Howe

  • No Photo

    Dr Lauge Poulsen
    Senior Lecturer in International Political Economy
    UCL, University of London
    Academic host Andrew Mitchell

  • Dr Mahvish Shami
    Assistant Professor
    London School of Economics and Political Science
    Academic host Janine O'Flynn

  • Dr Doug Goldstein
    Assistant Dean for Planning and Growth
    School of Global and International Studies, Indiana University
    Academic host John Howe

  • Professor Annica Kronsell
    Professor of Political Science
    Lund University
    Academic host John Howe

Applications for Visiting Scholar Programme

Thank you for for your interest in becoming a visiting scholar with the School of Government. The School focuses its visiting scholar programme on people who already have ongoing collaborations with current School faculty. If you are working on a publication or other project with a member of the School let us know by completing this form with your collaborator and send to Eric Rzepko who will then be able to help set up your visit to the School of Government.

Alternatively, there is our International Research Visiting Scholar Program, which is accessible here, which can facilitate visitors with supplementary funding.

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Welcome to the Melbourne School of Government

Our mission is to inspire and equip governments, businesses, social partners and individuals to meet the challenges of contemporary governance. Through interdisciplinary, innovative teaching and research, we seek shared and sustainable solutions to these challenges. The School's activities centre around our thematic areas; governance and regulation; politics and democracy; and a small number of key policy domains. In these areas we aim to:

  • Harness the University's diverse resources in our graduate and executive teaching to equip the current and next generation of leaders
  • Facilitate research that meets the needs of governments, industry and social partners
  • Be the platform for exploration, debate and innovation nationally and in our region