Student Experience

International Opportunities

There are a number of opportunities open to MPA students wanting to study abroad or to focus on global public policy and administration challenges.

  • Immerse yourself in another culture while studying for a semester abroad, and explore student life in a different environment. Melbourne School of Government provides exchange opportunities with the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and the School of International Relations and Public Affairs at Fudan University in China.
  • Students can also undertake independent programs (summer/winter school) at schools of government and public affairs, that are exchange partners with the University of Melbourne.

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International Opportunities
Executive Internship

Benefit from an executive internship

The Melbourne School of Government offers internship and professional development opportunities with leading organisations nationally and internationally, which allow our graduate students to apply their skills in a vocational context, build their professional networks and gain deeper insights into their chosen career. Students will be required to use their own networks to make an initial contact with a potential organisation. Their choice will then need to be ratified by the department. Students will carry out research or analytical exercises of relevance to the organisation that will be involved in high-level and complex policy making.

Elective subjects

Students enrolled in the MPA (Enhanced) can choose up to five electives to enable them to explore professional and intellectual interests across the faculties at the University of Melbourne. Participants choose these elective subjects in consultation with the MPA Director to ensure they have the requisite background for study.

Examples include

Elective Subjects
Applied Syndicate Project

Applied Syndicate Project

The Applied Syndicate Project is a capstone option in the Melbourne Master of Public Administration. This subject enables participants to draw on the expertise developed throughout the MPA and apply it in real time to a contemporary project. The project is team-based to mirror the practical experience of managers and will be developed and overseen by both a professional and academic mentor. The syndicate group will work in consultation with their practice and academic mentors to develop a project brief, undertake analysis, and prepare a professional report to the sponsoring organisation. The syndicate will present their report at the Capstone Presentation Day.