Social and Sustainable Procurement

A woman in a wheelchair using tools

Foundations of Social and Sustainable Procurement

Government departments and agencies are the largest purchasers of goods, services and construction projects in Australia. The potential for public expenditure to improve social and economic outcomes is significant, and social procurement policies and initiatives are on the increase across all levels of government in Australia.

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Strategic Social and Sustainable Procurement

The course builds on Foundations of Social and Sustainable Procurement by applying the concepts, theories and policies examined, in the context of several priority social procurement areas. Like the foundation course, this MicroCert takes a multidisciplinary approach and draws on a wealth of real-life case studies, as well as key Victorian, Australian and International regulatory social procurement frameworks.

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Implementation of Social and Sustainable Procurement

Social and sustainable procurement present a huge opportunity for businesses to increase their impact – but it's vital these practices are implemented effectively. This Melbourne MicroCert is ideal for current procurement professionals, suppliers and those who engage with procurement processes, seeking the tools to confidently adopt these practices and drive more positive outcomes.

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