Craft of Government

“Move beyond executive education and transform your career by thinking critically about the interaction of the public sector, politics, and major national and international trends in governance.”

This Melbourne MicroCert series is designed for professionals working in government, recognising the unique skills and knowledge that form the basis of working in this sector. These skills and capabilities are relevant across policy domains and roles in government, whether they be policy, service delivery or corporate functions. In undertaking MicroCerts across this series, professionals in government and the public purpose sector will develop these core skills and master the craft of government.

“deepen your knowledge of government craft and make a transformative impact in your work”

The Craft of Government Melbourne MicroCert series covers topics and develops skills and capabilities essential to excel in working for government. At the Melbourne School of Government, we see ‘craft’ as a set of skills and ways of working that has developed over many years in government but often is not formally codified. Courses in this series offer more than training, you will develop higher analytical skills to help you transform your practice and make a positive impact in your work.

These courses are aimed at a diverse group of learners with a range of educational background (for example, no specialised experience in specific subject areas is required). The intended learner for these courses is in the emerging leader category (El1-2 and SES1 in APS or VPS6 and SES1 in the VPS) who are looking to develop their capability, knowledge, and skills around core elements of government craft.

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Craft of Government