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Why take Government and policy as breadth?

Studying undergraduate Government and Policy subjects gives you a variety of transferable skills that are valued by all employers.

Choose from individual subjects or complete a breadth track suited to your area of study.

Undergraduate Government and Policy subjects provide a useful introduction to the field of public administration. These subjects will give you insight to topical issues faced by governments, business and the non-profit sector. However, it is not a condition of entry to the Master of Public Administration to have studied government breadth subjects.


Tackling wicked policy problems

Did you know that most countries don't see a single death from terrorism? Dr Avery Poole outlines what to expect in her new subject for 2019.


Climate change: why people disagree

Did you know that last year we lost 413 gigatonnes of ice? Dr Jeremy Baskin outlines what to expect in his new subject for 2019.

Consultants and government

Did you know that last year the federal government spent $700 million on consultants? Martin Bortz outlines what to expect in his new subject for 2019.

What subjects can you take as breadth in government and policy

Subject Subject code
Tackling Wicked Policy Problems PPMN10001
Consultants and Government PADM10001
Science, Technology and Public Policy PPMN20001
Climate Change: Why People Disagree GEOG20014

Breadth Tracks

The University has developed clear breadth sequences, or 'tracks', that will help you identify coherent groups of breadth subjects and allow you to get the most out of your breadth component. Students planning to undertake single units of study should be advised to check the handbook to ensure that prerequisites are met.