The Melbourne School of Government is designed to inspire and equip individuals to make a difference on a global scale. Through rigorous research, teaching and debate, we convert shared knowledge into collective wisdom influencing politics and decision-making to improve future outcomes.

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Social and Sustainable Procurement

Government departments and agencies are the largest purchasers of goods, services and construction projects in Australia. The potential for public expenditure to improve social and economic outcomes is significant, and social procurement policies and initiatives are on the increase across all levels of government in Australia.

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Government Budget Essentials

A strong understanding of how governments are financed is critical for managers tackling our most important contemporary public policy challenges. This Melbourne MicroCert is ideal for professionals who work in or with governments who would like to better understanding how government budgets work, and develop the skills to read, understand, and explain them.

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Pathways to Politics

Pathways to Politics Program for Women

In Australia, less than one-third of all parliamentarians and one-fifth of all ministers are women. The Pathways to Politics Program for Women will address this under-representation by providing hands-on training and networking opportunities for women who aspire to elected office.

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Undergraduate study at the Melbourne School of Government

Undergraduate students at the University of Melbourne can study individual subjects in Government and Policy or complete a breadth track.

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