Dr Armita Zarnegar

Photo of Anita Zarnegar

Research Data Scientist, Melbourne School of Government

Dr. Armita Zarnegar completed her PhD in 2012 in the data mining area from Federation University. She has an undergrad and master’s degree in software engineering and AI from overseas. Armita’s career has been revolved around working in IT industry and Academia. After completing her PhD, she worked for various research centres providing IT and data analysis services. She has 10 years of experience working in the IT industry overseas and in Australia as an IT consultant manager and senior computing specialist.

Since 2017 she has been teaching IT and business information system subjects in various universities including, University of Melbourne and Swinburne University of Technology where she held a part time teaching fellow position.

Armita’s area of expertise are data mining and AI, cloud computing and IoT.  Armita recently joined the school of government to work as a research data scientist for Fair Days project. This project is aiming to use machine learning and data analysis techniques to detect and predict wage theft.