Professor John Langmore

  • John Langmore

Professorial Fellow, Melbourne School of Government

+61 3 83449467 | | Level 2, Walter Boas Building


Professor John Langmore leads the Melbourne School of Government's research on Security and Political Engagement. Between 1963 and 1976 he worked in Papua New Guinea as a public servant where he led the preparation of the first national plan. Between 1976 and 1984 he was an economic advisor to the Labor Party and proposed the negotiation of the Accord. In 1984 he was elected as the Member for Fraser in the House of Representatives and was re-elected four times. One of his achievements there was chairing the committee which planned the adoption of the first comprehensive committee system for the House of Representatives.

John retired from parliament in 1996 to become Director of the UN Division for Social Policy and Development in New York for five years and then Representative of the International Labour Organization to the United Nations for two. He was responsible for the organisation of the 24th special session of the General Assembly which was the first world conference to agree on a global target for halving serious poverty.

John teaches two graduate subjects, The United Nations: Review and Reform for the Master of International Relations and Socio-Economic Development for the Master of Development Studies. He has published extensively in books, journals and in the media, including Dealing with America: the UN, the US and Australia and To Firmer Ground: Restoring Hope in Australia.

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