Ms Jayani Nadarajalingam

Lecturer, Political Programs, Melbourne School of Government

+61 3 9035 5997 | | Level 7, Melbourne Law School

Jayani is a lecturer with the Melbourne School of Government and currently in the final stages of her PhD (undertaken at Monash University's Law and Arts (philosophy) faculties). She has a BA(Hons)/LLB(Hons) from Monash University and an LLM (Legal Theory) from New York University. Her research methodologies are primarily from political philosophy, constitutional theory and social theory. She is interested in applying these methodologies to law, politics and public policy, with a particular focus on institutional change, social justice and political leadership. Before joining the University of Melbourne in January 2019, she taught a wide range of subjects at Monash University in both the Law and Arts (philosophy) faculties. Last year she was a Kathleen Fitzpatrick visiting fellow with Professor Adrienne Stone's Laureate Program in Comparative Constitutional Law at the Melbourne Law School.