Whether your organisation is in the public, private or community sector, we can work with you to address problems and develop imaginative workable solutions.

We start with a learning-needs diagnosis to determine the most appropriate delivery mode and course content. Our course content is theoretically robust, and we leverage the research resources of the University of Melbourne to your organisations problems.

Customised executive education programs

We can develop and deliver customised learning programs to respond directly to your organisation's requirements, beginning with a learning needs diagnosis to identify the course content and delivery modes which will be of greatest benefit to your staff.

Ideal for groups of middle managers and senior executive staff from government, as well as those working with government and in not-for-profit and commercial organisations, our programs can be delivered in an intensive, intellectually-demanding and highly interactive format. Programs can be delivered as residential, campus-based or workplace-based options.

Our teaching combines the latest concepts with active learning using case studies and your own organisation’s priority issues. We will encourage an environment where participants' collective expertise is combined to generate actionable solutions.

Commissioned research

If you have a specific issue in your workplace, our experts can provide independent judgements to find evidence-based solutions for your organisation.

The Melbourne School of Government's research agenda is informed by global and regional developments, in particular those associated with the 'Asian Century', and how country specific and regional public policy will need to adapt and change. Talk to us about how we can harness our knowledge to help your organisation overcome its key challenges.

Other solutions we offer

We can tailor a package specific to your needs, including:

  • education
  • training
  • development
  • research
  • executive coaching
  • action learning sets
  • conferences
  • events
  • workshops

Our educators

Our programs are delivered by thoughtful, practical educators from across The University of Melbourne's Faculty of Arts, Melbourne Law School and Faculty of Business and Economics. All are internationally recognised experts in their fields with a wealth of practical experience and theoretical knowledge. Read more.

Our areas of expertise

We can work with you to develop solutions for your organisations requirements, drawing upon our research expertise.

Our research agenda is informed by global and regional developments, particularly those associated with the Asian Century, and how country specific and regional public policy will need to adapt and change. Within this overarching focus, we concentrate on the four key areas:

1. Governance and performance

Designing better governing institutions and improving policy-making and policy performance. For example:

  • Fitness for purpose public sector reform
  • Building innovation capacity: creating better mechanisms for public sector performance management

2. Knowledge and expertise in public policy

Using different types of evidence and new approaches, and managing competing perspectives. For example:

  • Leading with legitimacy and accountability
  • User-centered policy design and implementation
  • Identifying and developing new workforce capabilities

3. Security and political engagement

Responding to the effects of war, natural disasters and dispossession, and improving political engagement. For example:

  • Building Australian-Asian capacity: new models for regional cooperation

4. Governing markets

Improving the instruments that structure relationships between governments, governing institutions, and private actors. For example:

  • Managing international markets; policy aftermaths of the financial crisis
  • Public financial management

Contact Us

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Suellen Tapsall

Director of Custom Education

Phone: +61 3 9035 8554
Email: suellen.tapsall@unimelb.edu.au