The MSoG research translation program is about actions as well as theory. We have opportunities for researchers to engage across the university and with organisations outside of the university. Whether you want to present your research, to get to understand government through a secondment or to provide input on current policy questions, one of these opportunities is likely to suit you.

K* Network

We all want to see our research being used to create a better world.  The K* Network is an informal network of staff from across the University who are interested in sharing information on theory and practise in translating research throughout the whole of the research cycle. Sign up here to receive occasional newsletters and notifications of relevant events and workshops.

Wondering why it's called K*? The terminology that is used interchangeably for research translation includes knowledge exchange, knowledge mobilisation, knowledge translation etc… K* is a shorthand for all these terms.


The MindHive platform facilitates the crowdsourcing of ideas for use in policy and strategy solutions. It is a network of expert contributors from universities, industry, NGOs and government.

Use your expertise and experience to engage with the broader community of experts on important issues in policy and strategy development, and make a difference to the way organisations solve these challenges. You’ll also get feedback on your contributions, and on the progress of the policy/strategy. Contributing your expertise will grow the influence and impact of your ideas.

You can setup a MindHive logon anytime you like. Please visit the MindHive website.

Other Opportunities

We connect with other programs that include government secondments and research fellowships, as well as opportunities to present your research outcomes to interested organisations or the public.

If you are a University of Melbourne Researcher or HDR Student, and you would like to participate in any of these programs please send us an email to Kate Neely with a 1-2 paragraph outline of your research, what stage you are at and what you would like to do. We will let you know what opportunities we have that might suit you.