Welcome to Research Translation

Welcome to the MSoG Research Translation Blog!

This is our first blog and we are really excited to be able to share some of the fabulous research, courses, links and insights that we are finding through our research and programs. We also hope that you will join in the sharing and contribute to the blog with news, opinion, research and controversy.

In the interests of being both clear and inclusive we would like to start with a little bit of definition. We take the broadest possible view of research translation – including knowledge transfer and exchange and research mobilisation etc… across the whole research cycle. So in reality the topics that interest us, and that we will write about, include engagement, translation,transfer, mobilisation, exchange, knowledge, research and impact. We use K* as a bit of shorthand for the merging of all of these areas. We also have interests that cover complex adaptive systems theory, international development, social license, activism, climate change and more. Probably there will be guest blogs as well.

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Kate Neely and Sara Bice