Transnational influence on national resource governance

Duration: March 2014 to May 2015

Research team

  • Dr Kate Macdonald, Faculty of Arts, UoM
  • Professor Ian Williamson, Melbourne Business School
  • Dr Sara Bice, Faculty of Arts, UoM
  • Associate Professor Sven Feldman, Melbourne Business School
  • Dr Poppi Winanti, International Relations, Gadjah Mada University
  • Mr Hasrul Hanif, Politics and Government, Gadjah Mada University
  • Dr Jojo Nem Singh, Geography, University of Sheffield
  • Professor Jean Grugel, Geography, University of Sheffield
  • Ms Shelley Marshall, Business and Economics, Monash University
  • Associate Professor Jonathon Barton, IUTS, Pontifica Universidad Catolica, Santiago de Chile
  • Dr Daniel Franks, Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, University of Queensland
  • Associate Professor Jin Sato, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo
  • Dr Meuthis Ganie-Rochman, Centre for the Study of Governance, University of Indonesia

Project summary

The governance of many contemporary resource-intensive economies occurs through highly transnationalized governance processes, involving both conflictual and cooperative interactions between national, sub-national and international governance actors and stakeholders.

Strengthening our understanding of patterns of transnational influence over, and interaction with, national governance regimes is of significant practical as well as theoretical concern. Yet while both state-centred and transnational governance processes in the resource sector have been extensively studied in their own right, channels of interaction and influence between them remain sparsely researched and poorly understood. Drawing on both interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives, this project will investigate theoretical and practical questions about the facilitating and constraining conditions for transnational influence over national resource governance.