The problems of campaign finance regulation

Duration: 2014 to 2015

Research team

  • Associate Professor Joo-Cheong Tham (Melbourne Law School, UoM)
  • Dr Zim Nwokora (Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne)
  • Mr Nicholas Reece (School of Social and Political Sciences, UoM)
  • Ms Alison Byrne (New South Wales Electoral Commission)
  • Dr Anika Gauja (University of Sydney)
  • Dr Stephen Mills (University of Sydney)
  • Dr Narelle Miragliotta (Monash University)

Project summary

The funding of election campaigns poses critical challenges to the integrity of democratic processes in Australia and internationally. Concern about such risks has often prompted calls for increased regulation. But such regulation has been criticized for being ineffective or even counter-productive. This project engages the central questions in this debate: Do the benefits of regulation outweigh the costs? Which regulations are most beneficial and which are least effective? We consider these vital questions through a case study of the New South Wales campaign finance laws.