Past events

Further information on past events held by the Regulation and Design program.

Participatory Data Governance in the Smart City

30 April 2020
Speaker: Timothy Kariotis

City, municipal and state governments are also increasingly adopting data-centric and algorithmic technologies, in what could be termed a shift to algorithmic governance. This shift poses challenges to the democratic principles of transparency, accountability and openness as well as challenges to privacy. Smart cities provide interesting case studies in the adoption of data-driven technologies in civic spaces. One of the potential solutions to concerns regarding data collection and control is the adoption of civic data trusts. Civic data trusts would see an independent trustee manage the data collected in a smart city. A core element of cities, but also of civic data trusts, is participation. This seminar explored some of the approaches to participation and participatory governance that could be applied in the design of civic data trusts.

Crisis Response and the Public Service

7 May 2020
Speakers: Lisa Paul AO PSM and Ben Hubbard

Australia strode into 2020 experiencing one of the worst bushfire seasons on record. This was rapidly followed by a global pandemic which has spiralled into a global economic crisis that the International Monetary Fund has called ‘The Great Lockdown.’ These crises have required a prompt, coordinated and sustained response from the public service at all levels of government. The current COVID-19 response has seen policies that would usually take years to draft and develop, rapidly designed in days and weeks. This panel discussed what can be done to prepare and support the Australian Public Service for future crises and to facilitate more anticipatory and rapid policy responses.

Lisa Paul AO PSM and Ben Hubbard brought their extensive experience to this critical discussion as Australia stands at the long road to recovery from both bushfire and pandemic. The panel discussion considered these issues: the role of data-driven and community lead policy-making; structures that promote collaboration, more effective preparation and resilience; and forward planning for disaster recovery.

Pursuing Innovation and Protecting Privacy – Can the Public Sector Lead the Way?

14 May 2020
Speaker: James Wong

Digital technology is transforming how Australians live, work and relate. In the digital age, citizens expect more and more from government services—including with respect to the protection of their data. How can government agencies innovate while protecting privacy? How will data privacy requirements and considerations shape digital government initiatives going forward? Can the public sector be an exemplar of privacy ‘best practice’? This seminar provided an overview of current issues surrounding data privacy and digital government.