The policy aftermaths of financial crises

Duration: September 2013 to September 2014

Research team

  • Professor Andrew Walter, Arts, UoM
  • Dr Mike Pottenger, Business & Economics, UoM
  • Professor Jeffery Chwieroth, London School of Economics

Project summary

This project examines what space is left for politics to shape policy responses to systemic financial crises and which political factors have been more important in shaping these responses over time. The increasing incidence and depth of financial crises since the 1970s have underlined their powerful implications for politics and public policy in both developing and developed countries. It examines two main questions: how do political factors affect the relationship between financial crises and public policy responses, and how do they shape the effectiveness of the policy response? The project investigates these questions in three key areas of public policy: financial regulation, fiscal policy and monetary policy.

Research program

Governing Markets