Developing a methodology and proposal for comparative regional research on governance and implementation of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) health system reforms in the Asia Pacific

Duration: May 2014 to June 2014

Research team

  • Dr Krishna Hort, MDHS, UoM
  • Mr Terence Cheng, Business and Economics, UoM
  • Professor Jon Pierre Arts UoM
  • Associate Professor Paul Dugdale, Health - Governance, ANU
  • Dr John Langenbrunner, Health - Economy, World Bank and MoH Indonesia
  • Dr Viroj Tangcharoensathien Health - Policy, IHPP MoH, Thailand
  • Dr Kabir Sheikh, Social Science, Public Health Foundation of India
  • Dr David Hipgrave, Health Systems, UNICEF
  • Dr Dale Huntingdon, Health Systems, Asia Pacific Observatory on Health Policies and Systems

Project summary

Many countries in the Asia Pacific region are embarking on large scale health system reforms, particularly around universal health coverage (UHC). Different countries are at different stages in the reforms, from Thailand (already well advanced) to Indonesia (just beginning). There is an opportunity for countries to learn from each other's experience in the governance and management of these complex reforms, and to apply some of the approaches and experience of the considerable research into reforms in OECD countries to the context of low and middle income countries (LMIC) of Asia.

The Asia-Pacific Observatory for Health Policies and Systems has recently been established to support research and information exchange in the region. Several in depth assessments of health systems have been completed, and the Observatory is now interested in supporting cross country comparative analysis of key health policy issues. There is an opportunity to undertake this research using information from the health system assessments, and with funding support from the Observatory for the 2015 year.

This project will develop the methodology and conceptual framework for a series of comparative country studies, which will be the basis of a proposal for funding by the Asia Pacific Observatory in their 2015 workplan.

Research program

Governance and Performance