Submission to Independent APS Review

Melbourne School of Government made a submission to the Independent Review of the Australian Public Service (APS) in July 2018. This submission focused on how the APS can support public servants to acquire the skills needed for the future; that the APS should retain its position as a model employer to the community; and how increasing diversity within the APS will strengthen outcomes for all Australians.

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About the Review

The Government commissioned a major review of the Australian Public Service (APS) to ensure it is best placed to serve Australian governments and the Australian people into the future.

The APS has a long and proud history of advising successive Australian governments and serving the Australian people well. However, a range of global, technological and public policy developments are transforming our economy and society. The time is right to examine the capability, culture and operating model of the APS, to ensure the APS is ready to capitalise on these opportunities, improve citizens’ experience of government, and deliver better services.

The review is led by an independent panel of six individuals with public and private sector experience, both in Australia and internationally. The panel will report to the Government in the first half of 2019.