COVID-DEM Global Democracy & Pandemic Tracker

The COVID-DEM infohub is a global project that curates and publishes analysis on how COVID-19 is impacting on democratic rule worldwide, and aims to assist democracy analysts worldwide to track, compile, and share information.

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COVID-DEM focuses on the immediate, medium-term, and long-term impacts of the pandemic on democracy in Australia and worldwide. The immediate impacts are already being seen as parliamentary sittings in many states have been suspended, governments are exercising extraordinary emergency powers, and the pandemic lays governance deficiencies bare (see global overview).

Even after the immediate crisis ends, we will need to scrutinise the medium-term state response (e.g. use of surveillance apps) and address pressing questions about the long-term impacts across the world, including whether our institutions are outmoded, whether economic shock will fuel authoritarian populism or social unrest, and whether the crisis can lead to positive democratic reforms. COVID-DEM pursues an innovative model for pooling and maximising expertise, by providing a mix of curated and user-generated content – with thousands of users across over 125 states worldwide.

Global Monitor of COVID-19's Impact on Democracy and Human Rights

COVID-DEM is now a key component of the Global Monitor of COVID-19´s Impact on Democracy and Human Rights: a one-stop platform that facilitates public access to knowledge, information, data, analysis and policy guidance that is produced by International IDEA and other trackers of democratic rights on the implications of measures adopted by governments in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Global Monitor is produced by International IDEA with support from the European Union and provides an interactive map, country reports, and access to leading global resources.

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