At the Melbourne School of Government, our research examines the implications of economic, legal, social, political and cultural trends for the content and conduct of public policy. We’re proud to offer a research program that aims to improve the design, development and impact of public policy both nationally and internationally.

Information for researchers

The School of Government fosters a vibrant program of academic fora that support our research excellence. Alongside our competitive grants success, we host academics from around Australia and overseas to undertake research and to participate in and enrich the research intensive communal life of the School.

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information for researchers

Commissioned research

If you have a specific issue in your workplace, our experts can provide independent judgements to find evidence-based solutions for your organisation.

The Melbourne School of Government's research agenda is informed by global and regional developments, in particular those associated with the 'Asian Century', and how country specific and regional public policy will need to adapt and change. Talk to us about how we can harness our knowledge to help your organisation overcome its key challenges.

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