Q&A on Employment and the Future of Work - 16 Oct 2018

A Melbourne School of Government Doctoral Academy preview event. PhD students submitted questions that were presented to a panel of prominent academics.

Doctoral Academy Preview

Q&A on Employment and the Future of Work

16th October 2018, 12:30pm

Pictured from left: Mr Martin Bortz, Professor Mark Wooden, Professor Anne Bardoel, Dr Michael Coelli, Dr Tim Dunlop and Dr Avery Poole.

About the Doctoral Academy Previews

The Melbourne School of Government is proud to present its Doctoral Academy previews. These previews will enrich the university experience of PhD students, and showcase the advantages of participating in the Doctoral Academy. The Doctoral Academy is a new initiative by the Melbourne School of Government. It will be formally launched in early 2019 and will provide high performing PhD students with additional support, professional development, and networking opportunities. These previews are designed specifically for potential participants in the Academy.

Professor Anne Bardoel, Dr Michael Coelli, Dr Tim Dunlop and Professor Mark Wooden introduced by Dr Avery Poole.

About the Event

In this event, a panel of four academics discussed the future of work. Questions were submitted by PhD students upon registration, and on the day Professor Anne Bardoel presented and directed panel discussion of questions. The panel was made up of prominent commentators on employment and the future of work:

Professor Anne Bardoel - Department of Management & Marketing, Swinburne University of Technology. Her current research projects include management of work-life issues, telework, caregiving and allied health employee management.

Dr  Michael Coelli - a lecturer at the Department of Economics, whose current work focuses on empirical research in both labour economics and the economics of education.

Dr Tim Dunlop - an author and academic with a recent book on Why the Future is Workless, which examines the changing nature of work as more and more jobs are automated.

Professor Mark Wooden - Faculty of Business and Economics, who has a reputation as one of Australia's leading commentators on contemporary developments in the labour market.