In Australia, less than one-third of all parliamentarians and one-fifth of all ministers are women. The Pathways to Politics Program for Women seeks to address this under-representation by providing hands-on training and networking opportunities for women who aspire to elected office.

The Pathways to Politics participants and fellows

Pictured above are participants and Pathways to Politics fellows at the first session of the 2016 program:
Fourth row: Deborah Wu, Emma Henderson, Emily Spiller, Shireen Morris, Kirsten Bright, Soraya Dean, Stephanie Amir, Libby Buckingham, Carla Drakeford.
Third row: Adrian Collette, Kirsten Chambers, Dr Sarah Mansfield, Katie Robertson, Sarah McNicol, Claire Febey, Susanne Newton, Dr Olivia Ball.
Second row: Alex Kennedy, Meredith Martin, Bridget Vallence, Brooke Coghlan, Cassandra Devine, Claire Marshall, Meg Brodie, Wesa Chau, Virginia Holdenson, Chrysi Misioudi, Dr Maria Dudycz, Lillian Kline.
Front row: Amy Mullins, Professor Carolyn Evans, Professor Margaret Sheil, Professor Glyn Davis, Dame Quentin Bryce, Carol Schwartz, Professor Helen Sullivan.

Pathways to Politics Launch

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