About Us

Who we are

The Melbourne School of Government is an interdisciplinary School, harnessing the resources of the University to deliver innovative graduate programs specialising in Public Administration, research focusing on emerging and challenging policy domains, executive education tailored to the needs of industry, and unique public engagement programs that make a genuine impact on public life in Australia.

The Melbourne School of Government draws on the comprehensive character of a university with deep expertise in many knowledge areas to provide a platform for informed, independent debate on contemporary issues of great significance to the future of Australia and our region.

By bringing together expertise from various disciplines across the University including economics, political science, international relations, sociology, development studies, philosophy and law, the School seeks to unite policy makers, industry leaders and citizens through ideas that are both actionable and that provide lasting solutions.

Message from the Director

Professor John Howe
Professor John Howe

The Melbourne School of Government is an interdisciplinary School harnessing the resources of the whole University to educate the next generation of leaders, to facilitate research relevant to contemporary governance challenges, and to engage with government, industry, social partners and citizens on issues raised by these challenges. To achieve these objectives we are creating and delivering new cross-faculty masters programs, interdisciplinary and customised research, and executive education. In each of these areas we draw on the University's strengths in economics, political science, management, international relations, sociology, development studies, philosophy, law, public health and science. We are also building new international partnerships because we believe that the challenges facing Australia, our region and the world are shared and require collaboration between governments, societies and business.

Messages from the Deans

Professor Paul Kofman

Professor Paul Kofman - Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics

The Melbourne School of Government creates a unique opportunity to more effectively exploit our teaching and research strengths in the economics and business aspects of public policy. By collaborating we can begin to explore interdisciplinary solutions to pressing multi-dimensional public policy problems in areas like ageing and health, food security, resources taxation, population growth and urban planning.

Professor Mark Considine

Professor Mark Considine - Provost and Former Dean, Faculty of Arts

This new international institution creates a unique place for innovative research and practice informed by the best that disciplines like law, economics, political science and philosophy have to offer. Our vision for the School is for it to be engaged in the places and programs where the contemporary public sector is being challenged to answer the big questions of the new century. Our focus on partnerships with key organisations and individuals will enable our students, researchers and industry affiliates to help shape the School’s agenda.