The Melbourne School of Government (MSoG) works closely with policy makers and has a strong interest in leading research translation and engagement. MSoG is undertaking a two-year research project to identify the role and potential of research translation through the research lifecycle-from funds-seeking to impact measurement. This research into the values, motivations, management and measurement of research translation at the university will contribute to a growing field of scholarship on knowledge transfer and aims to transform the work of academics within the university, in line with strategic aims.

The project has practical, strategic and scholarly contributions. Effective research translation strategies are significant in the impact agenda. The Australian Government has declared that Universities need to demonstrate their value through innovation and impact beyond the academy. In order to demonstrate our impact as researchers it is vital that we translate that research into action, policy or general knowledge.  This research aims to understand how this is done currently and to identify ‘best practise’ and trial an MSoG lab format for trans-disciplinary research. The research contributes to a nascent but growing field of scholarship and will contribute in-depth case studies and theories of research translation.

The Research Translation program aims to understand the drivers (both structural and personal) of good research translation. There are myriad ways that we can use research to inform practise and policy and many of these are highly context dependent. This blog follows our journey through this process and includes guest posts that illustrate the nature of the challenge ahead of us.

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