The rise of Asia will be a defining feature of the 21st century. Yet the very notion of the 'Asian Century' has the potential to unsettle and even transform what we mean by public policy.

About the project

The Public Policy in the 'Asian Century' project explores the implications of the 'Asian Century' for how public policy, leadership and governance are defined, implemented and enforced, in light of shifting boundaries and progressively open diplomatic, cultural and economic relations.

This landmark study adopts a comparative approach to investigate the implications of the rise of Asia for four central policy areas:

  • the contemporary public and social policy context

  • leadership, expertise and governance

  • energy security and sustainability

  • the provision of public and social policy throughout people's lives

Our research seeks to open a fresh, two-way dialogue which promotes active cultural exchange and robust interrogation of 'taken-for-granted' concepts, values and approaches. This allows us to offer an innovative perspective on the contemporary role of policy in the Asian Century, its implications for Australia and the region.

The project, led by the School of Social and Political Sciences, adopts a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach which brings together experts from across the university to produce leading research and to shape public debate. Through the new curriculum offerings, the project aims to increase the 'Asia capability' of Australia's next generation of leaders and provide opportunities for executive education and professional development.

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Defining a new research agenda for public policy in the ‘Asian Century’ This project examines the contemporary state of public policy scholarship in light of the ‘Asian Century’ and asks whether and how our research agenda for public policy needs to broaden, innovate and extend to engage successfully with a rapidly changing policy environment.

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Enquiries about the 'Asian Century' Program of work may be directed to email Dr Sara Bice, Research Fellow, or phone +61 3 9035 9681.