Hello and welcome to this website, which serves as a platform for our work on borderlands and frontiers.


At the heart of these efforts stands the collaboration between the Melbourne School of Government (University of Melbourne) and the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London). Read more...

Borderlands and frontiers tend to be geographically peripheral, but they are centrally important to understanding processes of statebuilding, conflict and development. Far from being just reflective of power relations in the capital, they may be constitutive of new political and economic orders at the centre.

There are many important policy dimensions to these regions, including security (insurgencies and illicit economies), development (poverty alleviation, turbulent, but unequal growth), migration (legal and illegal flows), natural resource governance (resource capture, logging, bush fires, climate change), and health (communicable diseases, limited public health facilities) to name just a few possible examples. Read more...

The current project focuses primarily on three cases: the Myanmar-China borderland, the Malacca Strait and the Borneo borderland. More (link to about us) The current effort is co-funded by the both institutions and runs until early 2018. We are currently expanding our work.

Asia Highway toll road, Mandalay to Lashio, Shan State
Asia Highway toll road, Mandalay to Lashio, Shan State

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